The Sologenic Development Foundation aka SOLO Core team is conformed by independent developers building and expanding a decentralized ecosystem by actively working on various open-source projects and use cases around the SOLO token. The developers are not directly employed by the Foundation.

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Use Cases (Manticore Securities AS) is a Public Limited Company, registered in the EU with the aim of obtaining MiFID ii Investment Firm license to tokenize securities such as stocks and ETF on the XRP Ledger using the Sologenic Ecosystem. SOLO Tokens play an integral part in when the platform is fully operational. Currently, Manticore Securities AS is in the process of obtaining the license and has developed a test environment that simulates the tokenization of securities on the XRPL. (Manticore Securities AS) is considered as one of the largest use-cases of the Sologenic Ecosystem. The potential this brings to the ecosystem is something we think can revolutionize the future of securities trading. More information can be found on